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Rich and romantic, yet sparkling and brilliant, Avon Rare Diamonds Women’s Eau de Parfum Spray is a heady mix of exotic floral and Asian scents. Opening with top notes of plum blossom, guava, and peony, Rare Diamonds next reveals its heart with a sophisticated blend of gardenia, diamond orchid, and jasmine sambac. Built on a base of cashmere wood, patchouli flower, and creamy amber, Avon Rare Diamonds is a fragrance jewel worthy of its name. The goal is for the skin to smell wonderful without ever being cloying or childish. Layers of beauty and luxury are embodied in this refined eau de parfum. Avon has been formulating beautiful fragrances for women since its inception in 1886. Originally named “The California Perfume Company,” Avon has more than 130 years of experience in developing sensual perfumes for women. While it now offers superior personal grooming products for men as well, Avon is a company with its roots embedded in products for women. Offering employment opportunities for women during a time where few existed made the company a pioneer and endeared the name of Avon to millions of women in the United States and around the world. Today, Avon is a successful international company. Rare Diamonds is a beautiful and popular addition to Avon’s fragrance line for women. The scent of Rare Diamonds caresses the skin with a oriental and floral composition of fragrances. The container of this spray eau de parfum is designed to mimic a jewel, and the body of the bottle is designed to emulate the luminescence of pearls. The crown of the bottle is fashioned to resemble a diamond, and the box is coated in a shimmering silver wrapper. The bottle itself would look lovely displayed on a dressing table or mirrored cosmetic tray. Women would love to receive a gift of Rare Diamonds from the men in their lives. Spray perfumes, body lotion, a fragrance collection, and scents such as Rare Diamonds spray are always on the top of most women’s gift lists. With the elegant scent combinations of Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum, the versatile fragrance may be worn for any occasion. A perfume with a beautiful blend of light, creamy top notes and a substantial exotic base makes Avon Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum appropriate for day or evening wear. The generous faceted bottle ensures that there will be many special occasions where Avon Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum can be worn. Designed to be memorable, Rare Diamonds Perfume will help make the woman who wears it unforgettable.

Some products are easy to buy online - perfume isn’t traditionally one of them. Here’s how to discover your next signature scent, without smelling it first.
Look to the perfume you’re already wearing for inspiration. What notes feature or what fragrance group is it from? You may discover that you have a penchant for floral fragrances, in which case you should probably stick to that group. If you’re not sure what notes your existing fragrance portfolio includes, sites like Fragrantica.com can help.

OK, so you won’t always have the same opinion as the rest of the online community, but reading reviews can help you get a feeling for a fragrance. If a lot of people say a perfume is “too strong” and you like lighter aromas, then it’s probably not the perfume for you. Blogs can be a good source for impartial reviews too.

Understand what you prefer: eau de cologne, eau de toilette or eau de parfum. An eau de cologne doesn’t last for long but is great for a refreshing pick-me-up, whereas an eau de toilette is the most common type of fragrance, normally lasting for several hours. If you like stronger, longer lasting scents you should opt for an eau de parfum or parfum. Know which you prefer before clicking: “Buy”.

Get to know the descriptive words that are commonly used in relation to scent. If a smell is depicted as “intense”, “seductive” and “enveloping,” then it’s likely to be a woody or Oriental fragrance, suited for the evenings or making an impact. But, if it “bursts” or “sparkles” then it’s probably a feminine, floral or fruit-based scent.

A fragrance’s packaging channels the theme and smell of the scent within it. A gold box and bottle suggests eveningwear and an opulent smell. Pale blue and green packages imply nature and freshness (think summer and daywear), whilst pink bottles are likely to be feminine and made up of floral notes.

Perfumers (or Noses) tend to have their own signature style, so have a look at their portfolio of fragrances – let’s call it their CV – and see if you’re familiar with any of their other creations. If you enjoyed one, you’re likely to enjoy another.

Just because a fragrance is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Look for other quality signals, instead of price tag alone.

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